Amateur Angels 10 - DVD

Get them while they're hot and horny. Director Luc Wylder does it again with six sizzling scenes featuring the freshest new amateur girls on the block. Angelic Ashley Moore arrives soaking wet and begging for action. Juicy Jaden and her man Neo get hot and bothered in a doggie style demo. Curvaceous Cailey Taylor shows off her killer ass while virginal Veronica Lace enchants you with her perfect pussy. Explosive Amber Rox and Slegde Hammer bring down the house while British brat Jasmine Lynn shows Tony Tedeschi what a proper anal orgasm is all about. The sex is real, the passion builds and the babes are awesome. Check out Amateur Angels 10! [Running Time: 117 mins.] Cast: Amber Rox, Ashley Moore, Cailey Taylor, Jasmine Lynn, Veronica Lace, Jaden, Sledge Hammer, Kurt Lockwood, Steve Hatcher, Guy DiSilva, Tony Tedeschi, Leo. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Gonzo, oral, anal, interracial, big tits, pierced nipples, blond, big dicks, couples.  
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