Bitchin 02 - DVD

The path to hot lesbian pornography leads right to Fallen Angel's door. Come experience hot and horny lesbians lost in sexual ecstasy. Lustful wanton beauties entwine atop forest green fabric. Engulfed with the sweet smell of pussy they lap and finger and soak each other with come. Escape into the artful surroundings and heated sexual frenzy of deep anal penetration. Visually consume the rising, firm, moist female form as it plays against the hills of Hollywood. Gaze upon a gathering of graceful beauties sharing with you their secret fantasies. Watch Bitchin 02. [Running Time: 90 mins.] Cast: Justine Hale, Casha Rae Allias, Jewel Valmont, Shaena Steel, Dee, Doomy Moore, Charlese L'Amour. Director: Luc Wylder Trailer: View Now
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Genre: Lesbian Feature, Girl, Girl sex Video, Dildos, Lesbians, Anal, vibrators, Porn for women
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