Dirty Dancers 14 - DVD

It’'s yet another chapter of the continuing saga of the wacky world of Dirty Dancers. Alana and Alan T. cook up a perfect wet dream as they whip it up all over the kitchen table. Guess they couldn't wait for dinner to be served. Kelsey Heart and C.K. Blade met at an art exhibition where their natural beauty outshined the artwork. Watch her stroke her man’s hard cock then plunge it deep into her hungry little pussy and climax into an orgasmic masterpiece. It’s a thing of beauty. Jennifer and Corrina Ann act like wild animals outdoors in the California mountains. They scratch, paw, and probe every possible opening with reckless abandon. The heat is turned on for lily white Cassandra as she devours Anthony's huge black dick. Sweat, cum, and passion all mix together in this volcanic sexual frenzy. That's right it's the wild man, Luc and silky smooth Alexandra Silk fucking on screen up front and personal for you. Chemistry counts. Thanks for buying our video! [Running Time: 120 X-rated mins.] Cast: Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, Cassandra Knight, Kelsey Heart, Alana, Corrina Ann, Jenifer Worthington, Anthony Stone, C.K. Blade, Alan T. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Gonzo strippers, Reality porn, outdoor sex, Pro-Am, Dirty Dancers, Cock sucking, Interracial sex.
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