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Wow, how pornography has changed. Today, we have video on demand and absolutely perfectly constructed silicone babes, taking a moment out of their day to shoot a sex scene. Locations are million dollar mansions, high definition cameras are used to create pristine images and special effects are so amazing we can make Ron Jeremy look like a stealth young stud. I will always remember the old days before plastic surgery made natural beauty a rarity. Cameras had to be wound up, secret hotel rooms were the locations and oh yeah, shooting porn back then was illegal. As I stroll down the path of memory lane with my aging father, I realized that I am now leading him. I will always love porn and I will always love my dad for paving the way for My Dad’s Dirty Movies. [Running Time: 70 X-rated minutes] Cast: Various sexy exhibitionists Director: Luc Wylder (Requires Windows Media Player.)
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My Dad's Dirty Movies 10
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