My Dad's Dirty Movies 3 & 4 Combo DVD

My mother called me the other day very upset. "Your dad is a pervert," she yelled. "You won't believe what I found locked in a box in the back of his closet, porno films." Here are two volumes of dirty and naughty films that got dad into heaps of trouble. No scripts, no silicone, just 100% pure and natural models fucking and sucking. Don't forget the most private downy part of their bodies, the beautiful bushy, hairy and taboo muff. Find out why dad spent so much time with that good old projector. Join my dad the pervert in a stroll down memory lane with the special two disc set of My Dad's Dirty Movies. [Running Time: 147 X-rated minutes] Cast: Anonymous sexy exhibitionists. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Classic sex movies, vintage porn, antique erotica, hairy pussy, big tits, full bottom panties, garter belts, stockings, sexy broads, blowjob.
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