Red Riding Crop - DVD

Deep in the woods, gilded eyes pierce the innocent crimson veil. Marking, beckoning and overpowering in an instant. The wolf’s heated breath is upon her as resistance fades into a memory. The fierce bite of the Red Riding Crop, the lustful drool of black hot wax and the agony of royal blue jaws of domination all serve to seduce and subjugate the lupine slave. The big bad wolf finally wins as Luc Wylder guides us deep into a fantasy forest of fetish, innocence and abduction. Excellent costuming, willing slaves, lush out door locations and Luc’s twisted vision make this a film not to be missed. [Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Mistress Anya, Serina Lilly, Louis Fleischamer. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Fetish, Bondage, SM, Spanking, Foot Worship, Leather, Abduction.
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