Reins of Discipline - DVD

Luc Wylder and Ernest Greene team up to create yet another masterpiece of fetish imagery in Reins of Discipline. Enter equestrian Mistress LaVeaux equipped with riding crop, attentive to all the disciplinary requirements of her mount, Ruby. Examine the rich craftsmanship of the finely tooled tack and bit implemented to complete the dressage of this chestnut colored filly. Strict training is the daily fare as mandated by Master Ernest Greene. Share his pride as Shayla and Ruby perform impeccably in mastering both pony girl and other erotic disciplinary techniques. Leather, sweat, heat, froth, discipline and reward. Journey down The Master'’s path of submission enjoy the Reins of Discipline. [Running Time: 60 mins] Cast: Shayla LaVeaux, Ruby, Ernest Greene. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Fetish, Bondage, Lesbian spankings, Leather, Spanking, Pony girls.
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