Silk Panties - DVD

Enjoy moist Silk Panties, the curvature of swollen pussy lips and the firm round flesh of silken butt cheeks. Erotic novelist Alexandra Silk continues her revealing journey into the kinky world of fetish. Focus is now on the sexual obsession of Silk Panties. Beautiful girls will tease and tantalize you as each explosive sex scene is revealed. Hot anal action is included with multiple threesomes that are guaranteed to get your dick hard and her panties off. Couples will love this erotic film. Panties not included. [Running Time: 90 mins.] Cast: Katie Gold, Blair Segal, Chloe, Timber, Sheana Steele, Ava Vincent, Peris Bleau, Evan Stone, Alec Metro, CK Blade, Herschel Savage, John Peters. Director: Alexandra Silk
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Genre: Fetish, Girl/Girl, Feature, Anal, Lesbian, Menage a trios, Couples, Silk, Download to Own.
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