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Enter into the surgically, polished dungeon of Master Ernest Greene to experience the indoctrination of Sydnee Steele and Candy Roxxx into the dark corridors of bondage. Brazen Steele and Sweet Candy melt away all inhibitions and resistance as they tumble through a pandemonium of domination and submission. The cold telltale clatter of tightening chains, the quick snap of an ego black riding crop on a quivering tongue and the sudden confinement of a cherry red leather blindfold complete the education. Fallen Angel has created this masterpiece of Dominance and submission reality by combining the directional skills of Ernest Greene and the uniquely insightful camera work of Master Luc Wylder. Submit now to the temptations of Steele n Candy. [Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Candy Roxxx, Sydnee Steele, Ernest Greene. Director: Luc Wylder (Requires Windows Media Player.)
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Steele n Candy
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