The Master's Choice 02 - DVD

Continue the journey with Luc Wylder in his pursuit of the perfect slave in The Master’s Choice 02. Observe as the talons of domination pick their prey and sink deep into the willing flesh of submission. Trace the intricate web of woven rope as it encircles its willing, white, wanton victims. Attend to the crisp smack of a calculated palm as it navigates flight over tender, quivering thighs. Witness the fact that submission is a perpetual commitment as Master Luc retrains the infamous raven haired Mistress Ariana into assisting in the hunt. Join the Master in his crusade.[Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Master Luc Wylder, Ariana, Delaine, Chelsea Warner. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Bondage, Fetish, Bondage, slaves girls, Blindfolds, Rope work, Spanking, Foot fetish
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