The Master's Choice 04 - DVD

Welcome to Master Luc Wylder's evangelical pursuit of the quintessential slave. Watch as terrified eyes glaze over as the cold steel midnight, stare of domination swiftly works its prey and strikes. Feel as tentacles of hot molten wax creep over goose pimpled flesh to envelop, admonish and definitively silence tears of lost divine innocence. Heed to the razor sharp outline of a stern handprint as it flashes its red warning on the ebb of the pale moon flesh. Learn the harsh discipline of a thick leather strap on innocent flesh instilling control with cruel precision. To all submissives who wander this path beware of The Master's Choice. [Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Alexandra Silk, Master Luc Wylder, Kelsey Heart, Shayla LaVeaux. Director: Luc Wylder
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Genre: Fetish, female bondage, Hot wax, Spanking, Lesbian domination, Submissive, Couples.
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