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Welcome to our infamous search for the ultimate submissive, The Master’s Choice 06. Dark twisted hidden shadows lurk in the mind of the dominant. Step lively as you are guided down the bridal path to explore this most unusual fetish, The Pony Girl. Master Luc Wylder has granted you permission to join in festivities as Nikki Steele and Jessica Drake are subjected to a brutally intense equestrian lesson in obedience. Sterling silver conchos adorn a finely tooled leather bit placed firmly between the teeth. Regal plumage covertly discloses a distinct sense of pride with each cocky toss of the head. Horseshoed legs trot in perfect rhythmic form as a sinister dressage whip sings cadence. Next on the parade is T.J. Hart whose mind is meticulously invaded by Master Luc’'s twisted vision. Scarlet ropes weave a captive web as the tournament begins. No contest whispers the Master reaching for his whip. [Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Master Luc Wylder, Nikki Steele, Jessica Drake, T.J. Hart. Director: Luc Wylder (Requires Windows Media Player.)
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The Master's Choice 06
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