Transformed - DVD

Rayveness and Alexandra Silk found a new way to play dress up. Dizzy arrives as a filthy derelict and the girls use scalding streams of water and a stiff bristled brush to clean Dizzy up. He succumbs to lust, submission, and femininity. The cleansing blade of a razor clearly navigates the course of gender exploration, discovery and transformation. Graceful fingers stroke, caress and mold his flesh in accordance with desire as a strap on adds to the intrigue. Soon our dainty Dizzy is in gender purgatory as he gets it up the ass from Alexandra while he's fucking Rayveness at the same time. Flesh, come, leather, latex, humiliation and adornment all come together as he is Transformed. [Running Time: 60 mins.] Cast: Alexandra Silk, Rayveness, Dizzy. Director: Luc Wylder Trailer: View Now
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Genre: Feminization Fetish, Cross-dressing, Fetish, Specialty, Male Anal Penetration, Strap-on, Spanking, Role reversal, Transformation.
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